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When it comes to being stylish many women hold back on their inner fashionista because they simply don’t know how to wear certain styles appropriately. One of the hottest trends that have a clear division of love vs. uncertainty is the legging trend.

You may be wondering what types of leggings are available on the market. The answer to this is vast. As far as design goes there is full length, capri and even shorter length that is similar to bike shorts or Bermuda short length, these are any Short Leggings. Aside from length customers can purchase leggings in a variety of patterns and for fashion use or for exercise purposes.

The confusion on how to wear leggings for fashion seems to be the driving force when women are uncertain on how to wear them. Some people argue leggings are pants while others argue that they are not. Exercise leggings are made of a thicker more durable fabric and are not see through. Traditional fashion leggings can sometimes stretch and become see through in some areas. This is where women do not like to wear them because their undergarments may become visible due to the fabric quality.

How can you avoid this fashion faux paux? It is simple; purchase high quality leggings. If you are buying online you should always read the reviews. Often customers will state their body size and weight to help other customers understand the quality of the stretch and density of the fabric. 

One way to ensure your leggings are always worn appropriately is to wear them as part of a layering method. Tunic tops and short dresses are highly fashionable and need to be worn with leggings underneath. If it is during the summer months then short style or capri style leggings will be comfortable and cool. During the fall and winter months you can accessorize a sweater dress or heavy tunic or even long flannel with stylish fleece lined leggings and some boots.

There is no argument that leggings are designed to complement nearly every wardrobe imaginable. Some retailers have even taken to creating highly printed leggings that can be worn with basic colored tops. This takes the pattern away from the shirt and puts it on the legs. This is extremely trendy and adds a lot of flare to a basic outfit. Leggings are extremely comfortable so it is simple to look put together while having a full range of motion and being completely comfortable.

As far as purchasing leggings, you have many options. Leggings can be purchased through work from home businesses via online websites or even craft and vender fairs. Leggings are also available in big box stores and department stores coast to coast. Many e-commerce stores also feature a wide variety of leggings and feature shipping discounts on orders over a certain dollar amount. Leggings have become so popular that even drug store chains carry them in basic colors. Leggings are available for all sizes and for children, teenagers and women.

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