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Cowgirl attire is popular for anyone aiming for that aesthetic based on style preference, a work-related look, or to just suit up to look a certain way for a costume or event. There are a few wardrobe staples that you need to really do something like Cowgirl Up Apparel. Here are some tips on how to dress up like a cowgirl. 


You need denim to look like a cowgirl. And when we say need, we mean need. Every cowgirl needs some denim jeans and skirts in dark wash and light wash. Get some denim straight skirts for the summer and spring that hit just about at the knee. Then you should also get some jeans for the colder months. Straight leg or boot cut jeans are more in line with a Western cowgirl style. You can add some other denim pieces into your wardrobe too. Vests and jackets are good to add to your wardrobe.

Plaid Shirts

The next step to making your cowgirl style on point is to add some plaid pieces into your look. Plaid shirts in flannel and cotton should be incorporated into your wardrobe. Go for fitted button-up shirts. You could also add some that you are capable of tying around your waist in a sort of makeshift crop top look. You can also cuff the sleeves at your elbows. 

Fringe it Out 

Fringe it out on your jackets, boots, vests, and on denim. Fringe adds a signature western style look to your clothes. Fringe on your sleeves and on the edges of your boots and denim is an obvious stand out look for any self-respecting cowgirl. 

Leather Accessories 

Another signature cowgirl style staple is accessories made from leather. Cowgirl hats are generally made of leather. You need a cowgirl hat to complete the look. Along with the hat, you also need the boots. Get a good stable pair of leather cowgirl boots to complete your cowgirl look. You could also get a pair of A belt with a signature western design on the buckle is a typical look for any self-respecting cowgirl. You could also try to get some leather wrist cuffs to ornament your wrists. Establishing the right accessories can make or break your attire. Play around with different things until you find the right combination of accessories to complete your cowgirl attire. 

Each of these clothing items will get you that much closer to having the cowgirl look. You still need to have the wild western personality to go along with it though. You should develop the cowgirl spirit along with working on your attire. Hanging out with other cowgirls or watching plenty of rodeos and western movies will help you capture the personality of being a cowgirl and then you can make it your own. Use this clothing advice to make sure you have your cowgirl look down. You can explore Pinterest or other social media pages as well to get more outfit ideas to pull off an authentic cowgirl look.

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