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Spring is already here, so let’s talk about the hottest clutch styles that you absolutely must have to rock the fashion world throughout spring. This is the season of blooming flowers and pastels, which is exactly what some Chanel clutch bags are inspired by. Pairing the right style of bag with proper attire will make or break your fashion cred this spring.

Look out for sexy pastel bags, because those colors are totally in during the spring months. The hottest 2019 spring colors are yellow, blue, and pink pastels. Keep your ears open and your eyes peeled for multi-color sequin clutch bags, like a sequined mini flap bag and multi-color flap bag, because these will absolutely be ablaze this season. Pastel clutch bags add a pop of color to any light grey, beige, and white suits or dresses that you have stored in your closet. Break out your neutral, light-colored outfits, throw on a fabulous sequin bag, and you are totally ready for spring.

Of course, spring is a time of beautiful blossoming flowers. Proudly wear the essence of spring by accessorizing with flower-inspired clutches. While Chanel tends to keep patterns and colors minimal, this season they offer a variety of colorful clutches, including their light green Boy Chanel Handbag, coral Gabrielle Small Hobo Bag, and yellow Small Boy Chanel Handbag. Gather up your floral dresses and flowered pants because they’ll look fabulous with the right type of colorful clutches. Mix and match colors to bring out the spring flower inside of you.

If bright colors aren’t your thing, know that you can’t go wrong with keeping it chic and professional with black, white, and beige clutches. There is no shortage of gorgeous, sleek black flap bags to accessorize your business attire. Now, we mustn’t underestimate the power of beige. You’ll turn heads when you pair beige-colored clutches with light blue dresses and tan/black plaid sweaters. Meanwhile, white clutches are great to pair with polka dot, striped, or other patterned dressed that have a white base. Of course, any of the neutral colored bags will look great with any dress that has been belted with the same neutral color. Black, beige, and white handbags show that you don’t have to be super colorful to rock spring fashion.

To top off your spring outfits, don’t forget a fabulous hat. The key here is to keep the colors neutral. You don’t want to compete with the colors in your clutch and/or outfit. Ideally, you’ll want to wear a tan, black, or white sun hat or floppy straw hat with your spring themed outfits. You can also complete your spring look with a basic sun visor or a straw cap. Keep your hat simple but fun and you’re spring outfit will be totally fabulous. Spring fashion calls for fantastic handbags that complement pastel dresses, floral pants, and cute plaid coats. Whether you rejoice in the colors of spring flowers or prefer the neutral colors of grey storm clouds and straw hats, there are clutch bags to go with your unique spring style. Rock your uniqueness this spring.


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