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Millions of individuals in the United States have a pre-existing condition some of which can be chronic and could endanger an individual’s life if they lose consciousness while alone or out in public. That is why medical professionals advise patients with conditions such as diabetes to wear medical identification jewelry. When a person is unable to speak for themselves and tell the paramedics what they need to know about health conditions and existing allergies, this type of jewelry will. In fact, when polled about how often they look for such a medical alert on an unresponsive individual more than 95 percent of rescue workers responded that they would go in search of such jewelry first to get answers.

Conditions Covered By Medical Alert Jewelry

when we think of these types of medical id jewelry we tend to think of individuals with diabetes but this is only one of the conditions that are covered. The medical alert jewelry is also recommended for those with a heart condition, those with asthma, epilepsy and so many more. These also inform paramedics and emergency room staff of allergies to some medications such as penicillin. But this is just skimming the surface of what can be engraved onto the jewelry as vital information. After all, besides the medical information individuals can also put contact information such as the phone number of a loved one to call in case of emergency.

Types Of Medical Alert Jewelry

Medical alert jewelry used to primarily consist of the simple chain bracelet that had the large medical symbol in the center. For some individuals, this look just wasn’t too attractive, and therefore they kind of resisted having to wear one since this was a piece of jewelry they were required to wear all the time. But the times have changed and so has this jewelry there are now several different types of medical alert type jewelry to choose from and these can go with just about anyone’s style preference.

Medical Alert Bracelets: The basic chain is just the beginning, there are now stretch band types as well. These have a more fashionable look about them. For those who love charm bracelets, these are also medical alert bracelets these days with the information dangling down like a charm. Then there are some medical alert bands, sports, and colorful fashion bands are quite trendy at the moment and individuals can get a version that has their medical alert information engraved on the back.

Medical Alert pendants: these can look like dog tags or a stylish pendant and are ideal for individuals who don’t like wearing bracelets. As for the price of medical alert jewelry, of course, the style chosen will play a factor in what it will cost. The more basic kind will cost less while the more stylish and sophisticated type will cost more. But keep in mind that this type of jewelry is a sound investment that could one day save your life which would make it priceless in its value. 

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