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Both wayfarers and aviators are trendy sunglasses styles you can find on the market. Since we consider classic shapes, choosing between one of them can be a challenging endeavor.

You can find numerous brands on the market, including Palm Angels Sunglasses, that will provide you with both shapes you prefer.

Both are stylish and appealing options for men, but the question is which one will fit you better. Everything depends on your head size, face shape, and fashion style. Therefore, you should find the ones that will match your overall perspective.

Therefore, you should understand both, which will help you make up your mind.

1.Fashion Sense

If you wish to get a more sophisticated and classic appearance, you can get aviator sunglasses to provide you peace of mind. They will ensure you get a masculine appearance, which is an important consideration to remember.

Since they are highly versatile, you can combine them with various outfits. It does not matter if you are wearing classic jeans or a formal suit because both options are perfect for your needs.

Generally, aviators will help you enhance and transform your look, which is the main reason for their popularity.

On the other hand, if you wish to achieve a laid-back appearance and style that perfectly combines casual and comfortable dressing code, you should get wayfarers.

They are perfect because you can create an excellent appearance that will match any outfit you wear. Therefore, if you wish to spend extended time on the beach or outdoors, the wayfarers are perfect for your situation.

2.Nose Bridge

Another essential factor that will help you decide the best shape is finding the ones that will fit your nose bridge.

For instance, if you have a high bridge, you may get aviators that will stay comfortably on your nose and offer you a comfortable fit. When it comes to wayfarers, everything depends on their overall design, but they will not sit as high on your nose as others.

Therefore, they would be uncomfortable wearing them all day long. Still, if you have a low to the middle nose bridge, you may feel more comfortable with wayfarers. Since they rest on your nose better, you will achieve a perfect fit and appearance.

Still, you can find other styles that will provide you with perfect perspective and comfort, two essential factors while deciding the best course of action.

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3.Cheek Bones

In case you have high cheekbones, you should choose the wayfarer style because they are smaller, which means they will not touch your cheeks as others.

Since aviators are generally longer, they may end up on your cheeks, which may create an uncomfortable and lousy fit, especially if you wish to wear them all day long.

If you have lower cheekbones, you can choose either wayfarers or aviators, depending on your preferences. Both will function as the perfect fit because they will not touch your cheeks and be high on your face.

The main goal is to achieve perfect comfort, which will allow you to wear them with ease. That way, you can create a long-lasting impression.


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