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No one’s debating the fact that lenses afford a huge convenience, not just for those who have weak eye sights but also for those who like to experiment with different eye colors.

With developments such as sclera contact lenses, there’s something for everyone. While before the advent of lenses, changing eye color was unheard of, it can be done with such ease now!

To use lenses, however, is by no means a joking matter. You’re putting something in your eye, so proper precautions have to be taken to ensure you can continue to use it for a long time.

Some precautions you must Never Ignore!

Hygiene is Key!

It’s pretty much common sense that nothing dirty should be touching your eye. The same standards apply to lenses which have to essentially hike a ride on your eye for whatever time duration you’re using them for. So before you apply lenses:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly, preferably with a good antibacterial soap.
  • Dry your hands ensuring no residue such as paper strands or particles of your towel rub off on your hands. It can be pretty painful to have even the tiniest particle inside your eye.
  • The same procedure also applies to when you’re taking off your lenses. Wash and dry your hands carefully before proceeding to touch your eye!

Appropriate Makeup Products

For contact lens users of any type be it normal ones or sclera contact lenses, there are special products with respect to makeup specifically that should be used when a person is wearing contacts.

  • First off, apply your contacts before you begin applying your makeup. Trying to apply them in the end may be a messy affair as you do require to hold up your eye lid a little bit while you put them in, especially if you’re a beginner. And even if you’re an expert in wearing contacts, there’s always the probability of a small particle getting on to your eye through contacts, which can cause quite a lot of tearing up. Anyone can tell you – a runny makeup look is no good!
  • Using a primer is always recommended of course, but it’s especially advisable if you’re wearing contacts as it helps ensure that all applied products stay in their places.
  • Use cream eye shadow instead of powder shadows. Even eyeshadows from the best of brands have fall out and it’s best you save your eye from that.
  • Avoid using eyeliner for your waterline as this can irritate your eye.
  • Mascaras come in many shapes and sizes. There are plumping mascaras, volumizing ones and hordes of others. When choosing a mascara try to find those that are hypo-allergenic and free of fragrances. Another tip: never wear mascaras with fibers or any other formulation that tends to flake.

Replacement Time

Be mindful of the replacement time for lenses. It is easy to overlook such details when using them in a routine basis, however, a product that isn’t in the best shape should definitely be steering clear of your eye!

Along the same lines, also make sure that you only use contacts for the prescribed time period. If they’re for 2 hours, use them for 2 hours only!

Clean & Disinfect

This portion applies only to people who use the reusable variety of contact lenses. For those who wear the disposable kind, cleaning and disinfecting etc aren’t required as these lenses are disposed of. Any lenses that are to be worn multiple times should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • It is imperative that you change the solution in the storage box every time you wear your lenses to avoid any contamination.
  • Avoid wearing your contacts in swimming pools or in the shower. The water in both places is of course not clean and is coming into contact with many things, none of which should be coming anywhere near your eyes.
  • Make it a routine to habitually clean your contacts. The solution for contacts usually says that there isn’t a requirement to rub them, however, I will still suggest that you go ahead and do that anyways. It helps get rid of anything that might be stuck to the inner or outer surface of lenses.
  • Simple saline solution shouldn’t be used for storing or cleaning lenses. It is advisable to use a solution that has a disinfecting component as well.

Prior to deciding to purchase lenses, go visit an eye doctor. While it may sound pretty basic to just get lenses from your pharmacist, it is better that you consult your doctor and get the overall condition of your eye assessed, just to be on the safe side. You might have an issue as simple as a dry eye which you weren’t even aware of since it was marginal, but it could cause problems.

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