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The love of Jewelry caught the scene in mid 1700’s. The Greek’s started making gold and jewelry in 1600’s. The first pieces of jewelry began to be made as shells, stones, and bones. The Greeks got really creative, and started to created jewelry from different minerals and beads as well. They became very pretty pieces in history as well. The most impressive jewels were created from large, bodacious, and gorgeous ornaments. Some of the first jewelry was originated from Africa. To form a shell of jewelry, what was used was snail shells, ostrich egg shells, which was almost 75,000 years ago, which has nothing to do with the earliest findings of jewelry dated around 25,000 years ago. The necklace was originated from fish and bones. The necklace was discovered in a cave down in Monaco. There is no clue what the necklace symbolized or where it was first discovered from. Rumors began to swerve around about a princess that was gifted by a prince for a trophy gift, but nobody knows where it really came from, til’ this day it’s still a mystery. Jewelry was used to let slaves and other plantation workers know what tribe they belonged to. 

The fluctuation of jewelry over the years has been very clear. Jewelry went from symbolizing what slaves had to got threw back them to – wedding bands being made to let everyone know two people were tying the knot. Europe church goers and other country’s let other people know by wearing gemstones, diamonds, and other jewels engraved in their rings. It was to make men look more fearsome and more powerful then women at the time. A lot of African tribes wore (and still do) lip plate made from a wood or clay ring. It was to prevent being captive from slave owners. Till this day tribes still wear them because there is still a chance of being captive. 

You can buy modern day jewelry any and everywhere. From any pawn jewelry hollywood fl, and other miscellaneous places. Jewelry became more expensive during 1980’s. You had more jewelry robbers during that time and the 90’s. Gold is sold by banks and market dealers to get the worth of the jewels. If you sell the gold to a place like: We buy gold, or to a place like a pawn shop you’re not getting your worth to whatever your buying.

Gold, silver, and platinum are the main types of rings you buy from the jewelry dealer. Platinum is the most expensive, and then gold, and then silver (which is very surprising). Jewelry has fluctuated since it’s start. It can be many reasons. Gold devaluation (simply when gold prices decreases), Value of the United States dollar, (one of the only things on hold during U.S. international trades), Interest rates (Gold doesn’t have interest rates compared to savings bonds and/or treasury bonds. Jewelry always has been tricky within itself.

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