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Whether it’s your first date or your 1,000th date, there’s something magical about getting all dressed up and going out with your partner. However, that means there can also be more pressure to look amazing. Of course, the first step to alleviating that pressure is making sure you have perfect products; you can use Ulta coupons to buy your full face of makeup as a starting point. From there, use these pointers to build a great look.

1. Emphasize Lips or Eyes

One of the first things you should do is decide whether you want to emphasize your lips or your eyes. It’s totally possible to do both – there are some amazing makeup looks out there that do just that. However, especially if you’re looking for a more wearable look for a date night, it’s better to choose one or the other. A bold lip or a prominent eye can both look great, but consider selecting just one for your design.

2. Think About Color Theory

When building your complete date night look, you might want to consider color theory for just a second. It sounds very complicated, but color theory can help you create a color palette that’s pleasing to the eye. Consider the colors you’ll be wearing, as well as any jewelry you might want to wear, and build your look from there. The simplest color scheme is an analogous color scheme, which uses colors right next to each other, but there are ways to introduce contrasting colors as well to make your makeup stand out.

3. Give Yourself Ample Time

No one wants to be finishing up their hair and makeup just before they walk out the door. It puts excess pressure on both you and your partner, and that’s not a great starting point to a fun, enjoyable date. Give yourself 15-30 minutes more than you think you’ll need to get ready for the date if possible. It’s always possible to sit on your phone for an extra 15 minutes before your date gets to the door, but if you miss your reservation, you may have to come up with something new on the fly.

4. Practice Before Date Night

Finally, especially if this is a new look to you, it may be a good idea to practice before date night actually happens. It might feel silly, but there’s nothing wrong with getting out all your makeup, doing the look you’re excited to try out, and sending pictures to all your girlfriends to get their feedback. You can even try out multiple date night makeup ideas and choose between them. Plus, this gives you an idea for how long your makeup might take, so you can prepare for it on date night.


Building a great date night look doesn’t have to be difficult. However, these tips can certainly make it easier.  With all of these tips, you can develop a great date night look much more easily, then execute it flawlessly before you go out on your date. Follow this guide for a better date night experience next time you set up a date with your partner.

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