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As simple as one, two, three. That could be your haircare line. No, seriously, starting your own line of haircare products could be as simple as one, two three. You probably think we’re making this all up. You’re probably thinking there could be no easy way to create an entire line, get packing, have marketing help and get onto the shelves off stores. Until now you would be right. But a few smart entrepreneurs have gotten together and rolled out a system that produces haircare lines as simple as one, two, three. 

Okay, maybe you are right, there is some initial investment from you. But a few hundred dollars could set you back an entire line of products that would be the first batch of your future beauty empire. Your haircare line would be named by you. A logo design would be created based off of a concept from you. A slogan could also be created to your liking. The products would essentially have a brand created by you. And there would be your completed haircare line branded by you with a collection of hair products selected by you. 

All of this is called private labeling. Private labels have been around for many decades. But private label hair care products are just now starting to become a thing. Up until now, haircare products were mostly created and distributed by the major billion dollar haircare corporations. Private label companies are taking a bite out of this lucrative business to offer people like you the opportunity to have any private label cruelty free hair products

Let’s say you are serious about having your own hair product line, there are some things you should do first. Research the private label companies that create hair product lines. Learn about their formulas. Learn what will make your product different from others. Understand what assistance they will give you with formulations, packaging, marketing and legal guidance. Know the cost to create your products. Don’t be tempted to order a large batch of products even if you will be getting a cheaper discount per individual item.

Once you get your products you’ll have to decide where you will sell them. If you are a salon owner, sell them in your salon. This would be another income stream for your salon business. A website is also a great place to sell. Anyone with an internet connection would have access to your products. Become a vendor at fashion, hair and beauty events. The people that attend these events would be interested in purchasing from you. There are many places that could become the storefront of your products. 

Learn from your first small batch order. Decide if selling your own private label hair care products is for you. If you decide this is for you, blow your baby business up by ordering more products, investing in more marketing and selling more products. Before you know it you may just be running a hair product empire that all began with a small batch of private label products.


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