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Summer is already here! Trips to the beach with your kids are back in the bucket of fun things to do as a family. However, if you are going to beach, it is important for you to take along few things to ensure a pleasure filled experience.

10 things you’ll need on a beach trip


Irrespective of weather you are fair skinned or not, you’ll definitely want to protect yourself from the sun. You can either put an all natural sunscreen or any other conventional sunscreen, as you like. The right sunscreen is one that suits your skin. Take note that you must keep away from the chemical sunscreens especially if your breast feeding or pregnant. Experts label zinc oxide as a natural and safe substance that can be used at any stage of life.

Swim nappy

Do you have a toddler, baby or a child with disabilities? If yes, you’ll perhaps need a swim nappy when going to a pool or a beach. For kids who are not toilet trained, wearing a swim nappy is a must. Reusable swim nappy is indeed the best choice of swim nappy for saving money.


Water for going to water? Of course! This is indeed a MUST! You just cannot drink pool water as it is chlorinated and you cannot drink beach water because it is salty. So, carry along fresh water from your home to keep yourself hydrated.


Certain beaches have snack stores in the vicinity but you can still carry some snacks to avoid running around if you get hungry. The best thing to carry is fruits. They are tasty, don’t spoil quickly and have excellent water content.

Sun hat

If you enjoy sun bathing, a sun hat is a must to avoid unnecessary tanning.

Beach toys

A beach trip is incomplete without a beach ball. It can be fun playing on the beach with your family.

First aid kit

Whether or not you are going along with your kids, you should carry a first aid with you. You can take along few common tweezers, medicines, wipes, and antiseptic ointments that may be needed in times of minor injuries.

Beach Towels

Another important requirement for a beach visit is a beach towel. This is no brainer but it is often forgotten by most people. These not just help in drying yourself but can also be used for lying down on the sand for sun bathing. You can buy a quality beach cover ups  from online stores like fashion Plaza

Wet bag

After you are done with swimming, you need to have a spare bag to carry all your wet clothes.


Who doesn’t like clicking selfies on a beach? Carry a camera along to click some quality pictures.

Final Say

These are the 10 most important things that you may need to stay organized at a beach and keep phone safe in a phone case . In case there is anything else, that you think is equally important, do let us know about it in comment box below. Have a fun filled and safe trip at beach!

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