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Using CBD does not make you feel like a stoner. Sometimes, you may feel that your eyes have turned red because of the effects of CBD. However, this doesn’t mean that you are high on CBD, like how you will feel when you consume any illegal substance such as marijuana, opioid, and so on. 

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Redness of Eyes from Cannabis 

Redness in the eye is commonly concluded that you have been taking drugs or drinking alcohol. Every time the law enforcers come around such bloodshot and swollen-eyed people in the streets, they conclude that the person is high on something illegal or has been drinking alcohol. 

Cannabis extracts will make your eyes look red. Some believe this is because of the idea of the smoke entering your eyes when you vape CBD e-juices. However, if this is the case, then you should ask yourself the question about why your eye doesn’t become red when you enjoy a campfire or smoke a cigarette sometimes. 

Medical Cannabis and Glaucoma 

Medical cannabis has been in usage for treating glaucoma and some of the terminal illnesses as well. The people undergoing chemotherapy sessions normally suffer from nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and so on, and such people were treated with medical cannabis to ease the effects of chemotherapeutic treatments. 

Glaucoma is known to make your eye turn red and swollen. Prolonged illness can cause ocular hypertension. The normal conditions that are associated with glaucoma are high blood pressure, hypertension, and so on, which can result in making you blind over the years. 

Red Eyes and THC 

THC is a vasodilator and this factor can result in making your eyes red. After the intake of CBD or cannabidiol supplements, your eyes will become swollen and also red, because of the presence of certain amounts of THC in it. Intraocular blood pressure will increase because of the potential vasodilatory effects of CBD, and this normally results in making your eye red and swollen. 

Smoking THC and CBD 

Smoking THC has a way of making your eye red, as it gets you a sense of feeling high. However, this is not the case in CBD intake, as it might make your eyes red and swollen, but not will get you the feeling of the euphoric effect. 

Sometimes, some people might be allergic to terpenes, flavonoids, etc., and other such supplements that are present in CBD. This can result in making them experience redness and swelling of the eyes. Sometimes, the eye redness can even be because of the smoking effect. However, this will not mean that you will feel a sense of high after smoking CBD cartridges or taking CBD in any form. 

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