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You love your valuables but sometimes they come in handy when hard times have hit you. You are waiting on your paycheck but it seems as if it’s so far away. So how do you cope with needing money in the middle of a pay period? What do you do if an unexpected expense comes up? What if you need groceries to feed your children, and your pockets are empty? You take your real gold and sterling silver jewelry to the pawn shop. It is here that you can get the money you need to take of those things that are needed in terms of your children having food or a bill that needs to be paid. Without the pawnshop, where would you have turned too? You could say family and friends, but what if you do ask and they either refused to help you or they just don’t have it themselves? 

Finding A Good Pawnshop 

When finding a pawnshop to pawn your jewelry, you need to look at more than one. The reason is because you want top dollar for your goods. They will ask you how much you are looking to get but once they do an examination of what you brought the price could be lower than what you asked for. Do not give up hope just because the first one did that to you. Shop around at others. That one around the corner gave you a lower price but the other down the street from your house may give you more than what you ask. A good rule of thumb is to at least search out four to five different ones. That way you can make up your mind to which one will give you most money. That would be the shop you do business with. You can pawn jewelry hollywood fl

The Pawning Process 

How does the pawnshop process work? Well, they are loaning you money and your jewelry is the collateral that is used as an incentive for you to pay it back plus the interest. You bring your merchandise in and they will check to see if it real or not. Upon finding out that it is real they will proceed to check the average price of what the jewelry is and what they should give you in terms of the loan amount. If you agree to that amount, then the paperwork is drawn up in the form of a pawn ticket. You will get the amount specified in cash and they will have you sign the ticket stating you will pay it back. 

Once you get the money, and a copy of the ticket you are free to use the cash for what you need it for. If you need more time to pay, you can go in by the due date and have it extended until you are ready to pay it back. Pawn shops are helpful when you need them. You should locate a few of them now.

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